So what is Online Reputation Management all about? 

Ever wish you could remove your embarrassing college pics from Facebook? Or the handful of negative reviews about your company that an unhappy customer posted online? Do you worry that your prospective employers will see the youthful mug shot that you can’t get off the first page of your Google results?

As people increasingly live our their lives online, we are discovering that in addition to major downsides to all of that social media over-sharing that we may have little control over the way we appear on the internet. A person who wants to do damage to your reputation will find few obstacles online, easily destroying your good name.

This is why you should Say Hello to online reputation managers!

These are commonly people who are part online marketing gurus, part tech specialists, they are experts in providing online makeovers-often by burying negative search engine results and promoting content that accentuates a client’s desired image. Its all about the controlling what people will see when they look for your name or brand online.

So what exactly does online reputation management entail?

Reputation management is a service that could be demanded by individuals, small businesses and even large corporations. What it entails is basically granting these people the maximum control over the content and the information that is displayed about them or their companies online. Typically the service for a new Client would commence with a thorough analysis of the web properties that appear on the first page of the search engines and the determination of the desired image as well as all properties that appear and damage this image. The next step is up to the professionals and involves removal of the negative results and creation of positive content across different platforms.

Why can reputation management on your own be a bad idea?

Search engines & especially google are continuously evolving making sure that the people are viewing accurate results in line with their search terms. While improving the user experience for the people it is making it equivalently more difficult to manipulate these results. Not having the sufficient experience may not only bring you to having no results at all but a single wrong step could result in your reputation management going from better to worse instead.

Biggest advice from us is – if you are not sure about how it is done, best leave it for the professionals to do it for you. You must understand that if you damage your reputation further by wrong strategy, it will not only become more difficult to correct it but it will cost you much more to outsource this service in the end.

The best analogy for this is anti-virus software for your computer. There are probably only 25 guys on the planet who can do good anti-virus protection on their own because it requires deep technical expertise. If you do it on your own its a pretty sure outcome and it won’t be anywhere near to what you expect.