Content writing and its pitfalls
Completely out of content writing ideas

Content writing has its up’s and has its downs. If you ever worked on content writing for your website, blog or social media channels you probably faced this problem at least at one point in your life… A complete blank mind and gradual submersion into the world of misery when your brain has completely given up on coming up with new content ideas. In some cases, as the picture above shows you this can also lead to alcoholism and the subsequent AA meetings, but it doesn’t have to!

We have been there ourselves and still face this problem every single week as this is our line of work. Luckily the world is good at identifying problems and providing solutions. So, first of all, you are not alone so put that drink aside. Second of all, there are numerous apps and tools out there that can help you come up with new content ideas with very little effort. Below is a list of tools that we turn to every time we face this problem:

1. Answer The Public – now this is one of our personal favorite tools. Not only because its FREE but also due to how simple and effective this tool is. This website was made to give us a glimpse into what people are asking online these days. So the way it works is you enter your keyword and it gives you a bunch of pretty diagrams, neatly organized into different question categories (who, why, when, how etc). So what are you waiting for? Simply pick a question and answer it in the form of an article! This is a great inbound marketing technique too…

2. Google Key Word Explorer – many of you would be using this tool for finding keywords for your content. However, you can also be creative and easily utilize this great tool as a content idea generator as well. Simply plug in your relevant topical keyword and let it do the magic. You will get a list of relevant keywords as well as monthly searches, which can give you an idea of how popular that keyword combination is. Pick out the one you want and write an article about it and it’s absolutely FREE.

3. Quora – this is the worlds No1 stop online for getting answers to the deepest secrets of the universe! People from all over the world come here to ask all sorts of questions. Some are good and some are out of this world but Hey! It’s something that you can use. Simply search and look around and you will find plenty of topics to cover your content writing needs.

3. BuzzSumo – personally this is one of our favorites for finding new content ideas. It’s as simple as typing in your keyword or topic and voila! In an instant, you get a long list of relevant articles currently out in the digital word. Not only do you get article samples but BuzzSumo also shows you how popular that article is and how much engagement it had. I personally think this is awesome! The only drawback is the price tag as it does satisfy everyone’s pocket. Basic membership starts at $79/m

4. Ahrefs – this would be the priciest of them all but its a gem. Not only does Ahrefs give you insight into the SEO power of your website, but it also offers a very neat tool to find great content ideas. Ahrefs Content Explorer is the Wikipedia of content that covers up to 5 million discovered stories/day! It also allows you to spy on your competitors and the content they produce so we would say this is one hell of a tool to add to your toolbox. The only drawback is the price tag which is quite hefty for an average person at $99/m starting package.

5. Outsource – If you after checking out all of the tools above you are still feeling low on the creative scale, you may also outsource your content writing needs. We at Altexpro would be glad to take the burden off your shoulders. Simply drop us a line and tell us about your project and we will continuously feed it with awesome content. This way you can just chill on your couch and enjoy a well-deserved ice cold beer while we do all the hard work!